Carp Fishing encapsulates many factors of modern life. It satisfies the hunter instinct in alpha males, the competitive edge most possess and lets the gifted shine, casting further, catching more. But since its early beginning there is a trend that most choose to ignore, some choose to ridicule but we choose to celebrate.

The Carp-Tart, born we believe on the banks of Kentish lakes in the mid Seventies, it started with level rods and will end god knows where, but probably in tears. From 55s to Basia´s looking good is all part of the show, and the good news is that looking good and functionality can now sit together.

Carp-Tart will constantly deliver new products and developments to the specialist angler.

We only appeal to 5% of carp anglers, we're cool with that. You hit the website, you increase your chances of being within that 5%!

We're expensive, we make no apologies, they are original products all made in the UK.

What we've done right...

We have provided innovative products to an over crowded market. We have over 50 onward component suppliers, and believe us, managing those and the quality has been a steep learning curve. Many of our suppliers have no angling experience and as such product design and development has been tough.

We launched for real at the 2010 Brentwood show, on a very limited budget and continued the Carp-Tart dream through a home built web-site (for free no less! - hence the ads).

We've turned a hobby into a very small business, it will always be a hobby, we have no delusions of grandeur. If another company can make better products than ours, we will happily withdraw from this area. We are the industry arse kick, to ensure the Carp-Tart in all of us is catered for, providing innovative products to you, our target audience.

What we've done wrong...

Last year was our launch year. The launch of a self-funded hobby. We believed that we could control multiple suppliers and try and keep the costs down by component purchasing. We have rejected more items than we have sold, we can never be seen to sell anything that is substandard, this eye for detail has hindered our growth and ambitions.

We have walked an unintended path, by launching too many products. 2011 will see us withdraw many of our lines to leave us with around 20 original products, from a core base of 5 UK suppliers. These suppliers are our partners, they share our passion for quality, innovation and UK manufacture.

Original Product

Carp-Tart Original Logo All of our new range will carry the Original Product badge, because they will all be Original Products. We will also offer retail to 3 very selected outlets...

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